Crop Hail

Why wait until it's too late?

  • Don’t gamble that YOU will miss the storm.

  • Hail can rob an entire season of work, preparation, and profit in minutes.

  • Only a 2 hr. binder.

  • No money due upfront. Pay after harvest.

Enjoy the rain without worrying about the storm.

Crop Hail

Although the name insinuates that crop-hail insurance only covers hail damage, many crop-hail policies actually cover other types of weather damage that could harm crops, including wind, lighting, fire, and vandalism. Some policies also cover certain types of damage that occur during transportation.

Crop-Hail policies are not part of the Federal Crop Insurance Program and are provided directly to farmers by private insurers. This means that, unlike Multi Peril Crop Insurance which is regulated by the RMA, rates and coverage can differ from one company to the next. Many farmers purchase Crop-Hail coverage because hail has the unique ability to destroy a significant part of a field while leaving the rest undamaged. Claims are worked on a per acre basis and are independent of any claims that may result on the underlying MPCI policy.

Fire Coverage

Fire and lightning are covered before harvest and while the crop is still in the harvester, unless the fire and lightning occurs in a crop that has been planted into any cover crop current crop year small grain crop, stubble or residue.

Pasture fire polices are also available.

Additional Endorsements


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