Our Process

We understand that you became a producer and not an insurance agent.

Farmers like to spend their time in the field, not behind a desk. Our staff uses its years of experience to make the paperwork and claims process hassle free. Take a look at how we make sure your policy is error free, audit proof, and paying you all that it can.

Agriculture is moving faster and faster. You need an agent that can keep up.

  • Gather Documents

    Chasing down paperwork takes time away from running your operation, so we gather docs from FSA, elevators, gins, and others on your behalf. Starting with complete and correct information is key for all the remaining steps your paperwork will go through. Our staff knows what is needed, when it’s needed, where it comes from, and how to get it.

  • Verify Completion

    We know you already have a lot of irons in the fire. Even if you had time, reporting your acres and production can be a little tough. Since we have already gathered your reporting info, mapping your acres, filling out your reports, and tallying production is easy. If we have a question, we have a structured system of reminder cards, mailers, email, and phone calls to make sure all your reports are turned in timely. The advantage is that your policy gets serviced quickly and accurately without you having to get off the tractor.

  • Review Accuracy

    Let’s face it. Crop insurance documents can be confusing. That’s why we fill them out and go over them with you to make sure you agree. In addition we’ve developed numerous computer programs to double check your acres, production, and claims. Our goal is to create records that are correct while ensuring that you never get underpaid. Do not underestimate the value of an agency that has the tools and knowledge to verify the work done by adjusters and reviewers.

  • Store Securely

    The dash of your truck is probably already full. Luckily, we have lots of physical and digital space to store your records. We have an electronic and paper file of everything that has been provided to us organized by county and crop year. We also make sure that the insurance company has a matching copy. If you ever need documents sent to a lender, landlord, FSA, or other business, then we have it available at the click of a button.

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